Beef Up Insulation to Save on Heating Bills

Every year, money is needlessly lost by homeowners as a result of missing or inadequate thermal protection. Oftentimes, people try to reduce this money loss by turning their thermostats down in an effort to reduce their heating bills — at the cost of their own comfort. Adding insulation where it’s needed, upgrading it, and taking advantage of some quick tips and tricks are great ways to feel more comfortable, save yourself some money, and be a little more eco-friendly while you’re at it.

Benefits of Upgrading

Beefing up the heat barriers in your home offers a number of benefits. Improving your home’s protection will not only make you feel more comfortable at a reduced cost, it can also increase your eco-friendliness by using energy more efficiently. Another benefit is the money savings you’ll see by keeping the heat you pay for right where it belongs – inside. Also, insulating utility systems, such as water lines, can save you money in the long run; repairing the damage from burst, frozen water lines can be costly.

Insulating Improvements

There are a number of ways you can beef up your home’s thermal protection and reduce energy costs such as adding insulation to areas that don’t have any, getting a type that is appropriate for your home, and bringing your current insulating materials up to the correct R-value.

Common areas that may be lacking include attics, crawl spaces, and voids. Some other ways you can reduce heat and energy loss is by insulating other systems such as heating system ductwork, water lines, and the water heater itself. For additional information on ideal areas in your home to insulate, check out the Department of Energy illustration here.

There are different types of insulating materials, each with their own R-value ratings, material composition, and preferred applications. They can also vary in the way they protect your home such as restricting airflow or reflecting heat like a radiant barrier. Insulation experts can advise you on the types of thermal protection that would be best for your home.

Other Energy Saving Tips

A better insulated home is the ideal way to save a lot of money in the long run. Here are some additional tips to further help reduce heat loss:

  • Putting heavy curtains in the windows can help keep some additional heat in.
  • Weatherization kits are readily available to seal off windows, creating an extra air pocket to block heat loss.
  • Keep doors to areas such as the basement and attic closed, when possible.

Additional Assistance

For more information, feel free to contact our team of professional installers and technicians at Wilson Bryant Air Conditioning. Our expert staff will be happy to answer your questions as well as suggest products or services that can help you meet the energy efficiency needs of your Gray, GA home.