Bothered By One of These 4 Common A/C Problems? What To Do About It

When it starts to heat up outside, you rely on a functioning air conditioner to keep your Georgia home comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s often when the temperature is hottest that a common A/C problem plagues the cooling system and leaves you sweating helplessly. Here are four common problems you might face this summer and what to do about them.

Condenser Doesn’t Turn On

First, make sure the outdoor unit is plugged in and check the breaker box for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Reset the power and try calling for cool air from the thermostat by turning the temperature down 5 degrees.

If these tips don’t remedy this common A/C problem, something could be wrong with the motor or compressor. Either of these problems requires help from a professional contractor.

Insufficient Cooling

Start by lower the temperature 5 degrees. If the air still feels lukewarm, the evaporator coil may be dirty. Carefully vacuum it with a brush attachment and let the A/C run for a few hours. You may also need to change the air filter to help increase airflow from the registers.

A persisting problem could mean your air conditioner is undersized and can’t keep up. Just remember, if it’s over 100 degrees outside, your A/C may struggle to maintain a temperature lower than 70 degrees. Always consult a professional before deciding to replace your air conditioner.

A/C Turns On, But Doesn’t Cool

Check the thermostat first. If the settings look normal, check the outdoor unit, known as the condenser. It may be dirty or blocked by grass clippings and other debris. Clear away large debris, hose down the unit and trim back foliage growing nearby to ensure proper airflow.

If these steps don’t work, the compressor could be faulty or the refrigerant may be charged incorrectly. Contact a professional for help.

Short Cycling

Fix this common A/C problem by hosing down the outdoor unit, vacuuming the evaporator coil and replacing the air filter. If the problem persists, the equipment is probably oversized.

For help handling these and other A/C problems, contact Wilson Bryant Air Conditioning in Macon today.