Choosing a Ductless System for Your Macon Home Has Its Advantages

ductless heat pumpIt’s not always easy to find the right heating and cooling system to serve a room addition, retrofit or other home improvement project. However, you would be wise to consider the many advantages of a ductless system for flexible installation options, efficient operation and more.

Flexible Zoning Solutions

Ductless systems were originally developed to provide a flexible and practical conditioning solution where ductwork occupied too much space and window units were noisy or blocked sunlight. Ductless heat pumps and A/Cs have become even more flexible, providing zoned heating and cooling solutions that may extend several dozen feet from the outdoor unit to the indoor air handling unit (AHU). Each AHU provides independent conditioning for a genuine zoning experience.

Following are just a few of the many zones and situations ductless systems are used for:

  • Additions and retrofits: Ductless systems are ideal for heating and cooling room additions and retrofitted spaces.
  • Outbuildings, sun rooms and garage workshops: Enjoy a sun room or garage workshop all year in comfort, and you may utilize more than one AHU (multi-split) to extend conditioning inside the home.
  • Home offices: If you work from home, a ductless system delivers conditioning to the room or work area you need rather than conditioning the entire home when it’s not necessary.
  • Guest rooms: Do you have rooms that are seldom occupied? A ductless system works in these spaces, too.

Efficient and Quiet Operation

Ductless systems have been integral in the HVAC industry for the development of high-efficiency parts and technologies. Temperature sensors monitor heat exchange for optimal refrigerant efficiency, and room temperatures are monitored top to bottom for superior airflow and comfort. Inverter-driven technology offers efficient and quiet operation at whisper decibels.

Simple Maintenance

Ductless systems require basic home maintenance, such as cleaning the air filter and ensuring the outdoor and AHU are free of airflow restrictions. Ductless systems are durable in any season, like their conventional central systems, but keep an eye on ice and snowfall accumulation around the unit if it is in the open.

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