Why NATE Certification Matters

NATE, which stands for North American Technician Excellence, is the certification program for the HVAC/R industry. This voluntary credentialing program ensures that HVAC and refrigeration technicians meet certain standards of technical expertise.

The certification program helps consumers know they are working with competent technicians they can depend on. More than 20,000 technicians are now NATE certified, and the number of technicians getting their certification continues to climb.

How Do Technicians Earn NATE Certification?

Technicians go through a certification process in which they are tested on their knowledge areas of technician expertise. The test allows the technicians to test for their individual expertise, and recognizes that there are various levels of experience. Therefore, technicians can test for the certification at their skill level and for their interests. The certification process requires the technician to pass one specialty exam and the Core exam if applicable.

The Core Test

The Core test examines technicians on HVAC/R knowledge in the following areas:

  • Tools
  • Safety
  • Basic Science
  • General Construction
  • Getting Specific Results
  • Measuring Humidity and Temperature Taking
  • Basic Electrical

The Specialty Tests

Technicians must take a specialty exam to complete the certification process. This exam will test them on complete installation techniques and other detailed specifics based around the specialty they have chosen. They must show complete understanding and competence in that specialty.

Benefits of Hiring a Nate-Certified Technician

When you hire a technician you want to know he or she has the experience and knowledge to do the job well. When you hire someone with NATE certification, you can rest assured they:

  • Possess the experience to complete the job to your satisfaction
  • Have the knowledge tested and awarded
  • Are serious about their career
  • Are working within their expertise

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