How to Replace Thermostat Batteries

programmable thermostatsThe vast majority of modern thermostats do need batteries. If you’re not paying attention, your first indication that you need to change them is when the heating and air conditioning systems fail to work or run erratically. Calling for a maintenance service call, at this point, will only point this issue out. Most homeowners can replace thermostat batteries on their own with a little knowledge.

How to Replace Thermostat Batteries

  • Locate thermostat and remove the front plate. This may be snapped off or slid up and pulled off of the terminal screw blocks. This should expose the inner workings and the battery compartment.
  • Check for and clear away away any dust, cobwebs or debris.
  • Using a fingernail or plastic lever, remove the batteries.
  • Insert new batteries into the same location and in the same position as the old ones.
  • Replace the cover of the thermostat and make any adjustments to the settings as needed.

Do not place any batteries that are leaking into the thermostat. These can damage the thermostat, or any other equipment they’re used in.

How Often Should the Batteries Be Changed?

You’ve probably already set up a routine to replace thermostat batteries in your home’s smoke alarms at the same time you change the clocks; this would be a good time to replace thermostat batteries as well. A yearly inspection of the HVAC system will also be a good time to accomplish this and your trusted technician will likely perform this task for you if asked.

Types of Thermostats

There are several different types of thermostats, and all of them have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Programmable thermostats allow you to maintain the proper level of heating and cooling even while away from the home.
  • WiFi thermostats allow homeowners to monitor and manage the home environment from any location through an Internet connection.

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